Why renting a motorhome is the purrfect pet-friendly getaway.

Category: CTAM Inspiration News Date: 06 Sep 2022

Let’s cut right to it; your pet could use a holiday too! And we are not talking about puppy hotels or getting stuck with a sitter while the rest of the family drives off to beachside destinations and beyond. After years of four fenced walls and groundhog trips down the same walking route, your fur babies deserve to join in on some scenic stimulation. Above everything, they are part of the family with their fur, four legs, and all.

So, what’s the problem with taking pets on holiday?

Frankly, there is none, other than a big misconception that taking your pup on vacay can’t be done because:

  1. There are not enough dog-friendly destinations to visit
  2. There is nowhere to stay with a pet

We can happily tell you and your fur baby, that’s simply not true!

Now, more than ever, Aussies are opting to explore their backyard via motorhome, campervan or caravan rather than staying put in one location for the duration of their getaway. And fortunately for you, that aligns with the purrfect solution to getting the whole family out of the house and enjoying an all-inclusive holiday.

Better yet, for the cool pet owners (like you), holidaying in a motorhome is the totally ‘in’ thing to do these days. It’s the trend that is here to stay, and we are pretty stoked about that.

If that, along with the potential for adorable and Instagrammable pet pics isn’t enough to convince you, then here are a few reasons why hiring a campervan is the ultimate pet-friendly holiday option in Australia.

Save coin and stress by bringing the whole family on holiday (including the fur babies).

One of the most challenging parts of a holiday is organising a pet sitter, let alone commuting to and from the doggy hotel before and after your adventure begins. No doubt bringing tears to the eyes as you leave your fur-baby behind!

That’s after you’ve meal-prepped their food and provided a 5-page brief to the person looking after your pet. There’s a high chance you will have spent more time and money on ensuring they are comfortably set up without you for a week, only to carry the weight of leaving them lonely while you are off “enjoying” your break.

While not all RV hire companies in Australia allow pets to travel inside their vehicles, Apollo offers rental motorhomes and campervans that accommodate you and your pet.

So, take our advice, save on pet-minding fees and avoid unwarranted stress! You’ll only pay a cleaning fee to bring them on your Apollo holiday.

From driving to destination, you completely control your pet-friendly journey.

When hiring a campervan, you decide when to stop, how long driving distances are and which pet-friendly destinations you want to tick off on your way.

Staying put in one location often means a restless pup in a new environment. You won’t have that issue when crossing country and soaking up multiple sceneries while on your RV road trip.

The best thing yet, your furry companion can be with you the whole time! You won’t have to worry about what they are up to (or not up to) while you are off exploring.

Sunday’s in the sunshine spent a little differently with  and her fur-baby Sam (

Myth busted! Pets on holidays will not slow down your adventure.

Whether you are going with the flow or have planned the ultimate road trip itinerary, plenty of holiday parks and destinations are open to pets.

Browsing through the ApolloConnect app you’ll be able to pick and choose where to go and what to do with your travelling companion while on the go.

Watch them have the time of their lives as they witness all the new sights and smells. You don’t need to worry about how they are doing, be reassured with some real-time tail-wagging.

“They put me in the freaking child’s seat. But it was nice to have the wind in my ears” – @charlietorresthedaxie  (

Motorhomes offer plenty of space for pets.

If hiring a motorhome is a new holiday type to try, you will be genuinely blown away by the ease of driving (and on a standard car licence).

What’s more impressive is the spacious design and utilities on board an RV. Apollo motorhomes truly provide you with a home away from home with large beds, showers and toilets, plus all the modern features to make vacaying in an RV a breeze.

As for the comforts of pets, whether they’re on the bed or in a special spot, there’s plenty of room for all in your motorhome or campervan.

When the only battle is who calls shotgun to the passenger seat first! (Heather Schiller’s pooch – ex Apollo, found in IG)****

Finally, your pet deserves a holiday too.

Whatever the reason you are gearing up for a holiday, think of your fur-friend too. We can guarantee some wind through the ears, fresh scents on the nose and exciting new scenes will serve them well.

From cats to dogs, we’ve seen plenty of furry family members joining along for the RV ride. If you are chasing some inspiration, check out Apollo’s Instagram #petsofapollo.

Explore Apollo’s range of motorhomes and campervans to find the perfect all-in-one ride and accommodation for your next pet-inclusive holiday.

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