Pet Passport: Beach safety

Category: CTAM News Date: 29 Apr 2022

Welcome back to episode 5 of Pet Passport by the beloved vet in a van, Dr Tania.

Today Dr Tania speaks on beach safety.

Specifically against sun, sea and sand.

Sun protection is vital to our pets, our pets can still get sunburnt and develop skin cancer.

The most at-risk areas are their noses, their ears, their tummy and inner thighs.

It’s more prominent if their skin is pink and their fur is white.

Try and discourage your pet from sunbaking in the middle of the day and get them into the shade.

Next, Dr Tania speaks on sea hares.

These are a giant sea slug that can grow to 30-40cm.

When they get washed up to shore, sometimes they can squirt out poisonous slime when threatened.

If your dog is excessively drooling, vomiting or acting out of character- take them to a vet immediately.

Blue ringed octapuses are another threat to our pets on the beach.

Their bite isn’t painful, but the toxin causes paralysis.

Signs of the toxin are dilated pupils, floppy legs and paralysis of the breathing muscles which can lead to death.

Please get to the closest vet as soon as possible.

Lastly, the puffer fish.

Puffer fish have an internal gland which produces a deadly toxin, that can also be fatal to your pet.

Keep an eye out at jellyfish and crocodile prone beaches too.

We’ll catch you next week for the 6th episode of pet passport.

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