‘Buy local’ to help Australian resurgence

Category: Date: 29 April 2020

The Australian Made Campaign (AMCL) is calling on Australians to adopt a ‘buy Australian first’ habit, to help fast-track the country’s resurgence as it plans its recovery from the impact of COVID-19.

According to AMCL Chief Executive, Ben Lazzaro, a coordinated push to ‘buy local’ has the potential to play a big part in getting Australia back online.

“Australia’s economic landscape will be forever changed, reinvesting in local industry and local jobs will go a long way towards helping Australia bounce back,” he said.

“Australian manufacturers produce products made to some of the highest quality and safety standards in the world, while at the same time creating local economic activity and employment opportunities.”

In nearly every product category, there is an Australian option, from furniture, bedding and health products, through to building materials, industrial products and office consumables.

“Now more than ever, our Aussie businesses need your support,” Mr Lazzaro said.

“When you buy Australian Made products you are pumping money back into the economy, which helps to keep Aussie jobs, strengthen local industries and supports local communities.”

“Remember, you can be sure it’s a genuine Aussie product by looking for the Australian Made, Australian Grown logo.”

Australian manufacturers have already demonstrated their capacity to adapt and innovate during these challenging times, with many re-tooling to produce much-needed medical supplies and equipment.

“Let’s take a long-term view and increase our level of manufacturing self-sufficiency. While there will always be a requirement for imports, it’s important we get the balance right between local and offshore manufacturing, to ensure Australia’s long-term prosperity.”

“It’s important that we don’t neglect this enormously effective resource,” said Mr Lazzaro.

To find locally made goods, visit www.australianmade.com.au – Australia’s largest online directory of genuine Aussie products.


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