Holidays don’t always go to plan, so you must be flexible for when things don’t go to plan and in short this means allowing time up your sleeve.  This happened Read Article

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Baby Number four, the final instalment!

News | 19 Aug

Holidays don’t always go to plan, so you must be flexible for when things don’t go to plan and in short this means allowing time up your sleeve.  This happened Read Article

YASS, painting time!

News | 16 Aug

The end of this ultimate adventure is rapidly approaching…. how can we slow it down? We left the beautiful Byron Bay with our heads hanging and we had no real destination in Read Article

Australia’s East most point with only 10days to go

News | 12 Aug

Hello from Byron Bay, John here with you this time – giving Kye a day off from the typing. We only had to venture down the highway a short stint Read Article

580kms, local markets and a spot of fishing

News | 10 Aug

Unfortunately, the return journey has to continue and it was a long drive, around 580km from Yeppoon to Maroochydore.  One thig is for sure, with a van in tow, speeding Read Article

Boom netting, crystal white sands and bush poetry

News | 04 Aug

Often when we are holidaying, we visit a place that we say we could live in and Yeppoon is one of these towns.  It is such an awesome place that Read Article

Family bloggers vote road trip over real life any day!

News | 03 Aug

The caravanning and camping lifestyle is perfect for young families – even when it’s extended travel during the school term.  The Cunliffes are a family of travel bloggers for Let’s Read Article

Let us go home

News | 02 Aug

Rollingstone Beach and Airlie Beach It’s the start of the return trip home. We have turned south and only given ourselves three weeks to return home, a distance that took Read Article

Crocs, Pizza and being a budget Queen

News | 28 Jul

Week 2 @ Cairns and Nanny’s flown home, John and Jack are out of range so I’m starting to feel pretty anxious in regards to not being able to communicate Read Article

#Tassie2Tip Cliff Bombs and Second River Crossing

News | 23 Jul

  The Cunliffes (John, Jack and Richie) have stopped for a dip in the river. Will Jack jump? They have also  just attempted their second river crossing, watch and see Read Article

Back from the Tip

News | 22 Jul

I have travelled nearly 6000k to get to the start of the Old Telegraph Track. That’s the route I wanted to take to get to The Tip.  That morning when Read Article

Muma bear and two of her clubs explore Cairns

News | 20 Jul

Cairns stay….. Week one without my big and little boys 🙁 Talk about a sad goodbye. I felt sick saying good bye to Jack for two weeks knowing that phone Read Article

#Tassie2Tip River Crossing

News | 16 Jul

  The Cunliffes (John, Jack and Richie) have just attempted a river crossing, watch and see if they make it. Follow via #Tassie2Tip  

Off to the TIP

News | 14 Jul

John here. The excitement had been building and now the moment had come to leave Cairns and head north on an adventure that had been years in the making.  The Read Article

Bombing in Pool on #Tassie2Tip Video

News | 05 Jul

  The Cunliffes have been travelling for six weeks now and have made it to Airlie Beach. In their latest video they go for a the boys bomb into the local Read Article

Tow truck madness and pancakes

News | 04 Jul

We have made it to Airlie Beach but we were a little late after a small encounter with a tow truck. The other morning we left Yeppoon bound for the Read Article

Sight seeing and Giant M&M?

News | 28 Jun

Good evening peeps I am sitting outside the caravan as the kids lay asleep, sipping on a cleansing ale wearing a pair of boardies and a singlet top. I just Read Article

#Tassie2Tip Trike Rides

News | 25 Jun

  The Cunliffes have been travelling for five weeks now and have made it to Yeppoon. In their latest video they go for a FUN trike ride.  

Trikes, swimming holes and roasts with fellow travelers

News | 23 Jun

Hi guys it’s John, wanna-be travel writer. After our short but sweet stop over at 1770, we hit the road and headed to Yeppoon.  What a spot!  We decided to Read Article

Men like us drink Rum plus 1770

News | 21 Jun

The most important thing was done whilst en-route to Seventeen Seventy – The Bundy Rum Distillery Tour. Going by the focus on this picture, the camera must have had one Read Article

#Tassie2Tip 1770 Videos

News | 18 Jun

The Cunliffes have been travelling for four weeks now and have made it to 1770. Check out their three videos. Road trips can often take their toll, what better way Read Article

Free games and exercise

News | 16 Jun

Next stop Hervey Bay, The sun is shining and we found a Big 4 at Vernon Point to keep the children happy.  We were all excited to spend a few Read Article

Noosa, dreaming of Sunshine and Lollypops!

News | 14 Jun

Rain, rain and then just a little more rain. We have had a few wet days, but we were not the only ones.  Queensland has copped a fair bit of Read Article

Good neighbours and water

News | 09 Jun

Kye here, We have arrived at our patch of paradise that’s responsible for the traveling seed that was planted within myself and John about four years ago. We stayed at Read Article

Manchild, awesome and missing the dog

News | 07 Jun

John here this time, It has just ticked over three weeks on the road but I can say that I feel like it’s been so much longer.  I’m feeling relaxed, Read Article

Ball pits, frozen cokes and missed opportunities to shop

News | 02 Jun

Hi guys, Kye here! Halliday’s Point The adventure continued when we set off for the four hour car ride heading to Halliday’s Point.  Up until now, I was a strict Read Article

Relax, explore and stolen unmentionables

News | 31 May

Hi guys, John here this time. We are at Umina, staying at the Ocean Beach Holiday Park.  We planned to stay here for only two nights but it is a Read Article

Van-Schoolling with the Cunliffes

News | 27 May

  Kye discusses how van-schoolling the three kids is going in comparison to her expectations.    

Kids give an update on Tassie2Tip

News | 24 May

  After two weeks on the road, the Cunliffe kids reflect on missing school, doing homework and the fun actives that they have got up too.  

Tiny horses and Roos

News | 19 May

We so could have stayed longer at Lakes Entrance but it was time to move on 300km up the very windy and hill road. The DVD players in the back of Read Article

Dry land and Van Schooling

News | 17 May

The trip didn’t start without some fun or fear, it just depends what way you look at it or may be its your age! The Spirit of Tasmania leaves from Read Article

The Cunliffe Toyota Hilux

News | 04 May

    The Cunliffe Toyota Hilux Check out the video below of the Toyota Hilux the Cunliffes will be traveling in from Tasmania to the Cape up in Queensland. Over the next three months will be hitting Read Article

Meet the Cunliffe Kids

News | 25 Apr

  Meet the Cunliffe kids Meet the Cunliffe kids, Charlie aged 8, Jack aged 6 and Elkie who is 4 in a short video below. The Cunliffes are heading on three-month caravanning Read Article

Meet the Cunliffe Family

News | 24 Apr

Hi everybody we are the Cunliffe family! My name is John and this is a pic of me with my wife, Kylie, and our three kids – Charlie aged 8, Read Article