Week Twenty Four After a great New Year in Low Head we packed up and started to travel back towards Hobart as Kate and James’ time was coming to an end. Read Article

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Big caravanning adventure coming to the end

News | 17 Mar

Week Twenty Four After a great New Year in Low Head we packed up and started to travel back towards Hobart as Kate and James’ time was coming to an end. Read Article

Penguins and caravanning

News | 06 Mar

Week Twenty Three We so thoroughly enjoyed our time on Bruny Island and so the decision of where to head next was tricky but we ended up leaving the beaches and Read Article

More the merrier for Tassie caravanning

News | 01 Mar

Week Twenty Two After a solid stint travelling and a long time away from family and friends, we were so happy to welcome my sister and her family to Tassie, Read Article

Wineglass Caravanning; Walks, Beaches and Amazing Views

News | 15 Feb

Week Twenty One As we travelled down the coast to our next stop, the well-known Freycinet National Park, Coles Bay and the base for the hike up to the Wineglass Read Article

Crystal Waters and Caravanning, what a perfect mix

News | 06 Feb

Week Twenty After loading up on supplies in St Helens we loaded the van with water and headed north 15km to our next camp in the Bay of Fires. The Bay Read Article

Beer drinking pig and more Caravan repairs

News | 30 Jan

Week Nineteen One of the places we have always been most excited to see is the Bay of Fires on the north-east coast of Tasmania so we decided to pack Read Article

Spirit of Caravanning over the Strait

News | 23 Jan

Week Eighteen Things were looking up! We made it to the Spirit of Tasmania with no issues and travelled the Bass Strait in 30-40 knot winds. There were people vomiting in Read Article

Caravanning Pains Continue

News | 02 Jan

Week Seventeen  So, I said that bad things come in 3’s and little were we to know that this day would test every ounce of our ability to cope. It had Read Article

3 Caravanning Events at Once

News | 26 Dec

Week Sixteen Sometimes life can hand you some tough cards and it seems they always come in 3’s. We had a lovely quiet week in Barwon Heads awaiting the boat to Read Article

Swinging around the caravan

News | 19 Dec

Week Fifteen We travelled inland from Warrnambool to get to our next destination at Barwon Heads purely because whilst the great ocean road is super impressive it twists and turns the Read Article

Caravan Fixes and 12 Apostles

News | 12 Dec

Week Fourteen We made it to Warrnambool with Col’s temporary brake fix and booked the van service in Geelong which was great because one it was close and two they said Read Article

Cray boats, weather and Caravan loving!

News | 09 Dec

Week Thirteen  Not too far from Victor Harbour is a lovely coastal town called Robe and apparently the 4WD Mecca for South Australia! Had the weather have been more obliging we Read Article

Crystal Waters Are Calling & the caravan is on the move again!

News | 21 Nov

Week Twelve The next stop for the caravan was a short 84kms drive south of Adelaide at a coastal town called Victor Harbour. Known probably best for its main attraction the Read Article

Heading south with caravan in tow

News | 14 Nov

Week Eleven After a great week in Alice we decided to pack up and head back to Adelaide. As we knew it was a long drive, we wanted to do it Read Article

After a great time at Yulara visiting Ayers Rock and the Olga

News | 07 Nov

Week Ten After a great time at Yulara visiting Ayers Rock and the Olga’s we headed to Alice Springs to do some more exploring. We checked into the Big 4 MacDonnell Read Article

Caravanning saves parents from crazy kids!

News | 24 Oct

Week Nine With big change comes great adventure, after what felt like a forever of rainy days we decided to pack up our caravan and head to the only place in Read Article

Singing in the rain!

News | 17 Oct

Week Eight We decided to spend a second week in Lakes Entrance caravan holiday park, purely due to the unfortunate weather and its wasn’t looking like improving so rather than packing Read Article

Camping from the Snow to the Sea

News | 10 Oct

Week Seven After a tough week with the kids we thought maybe a complete change of scenery was in order so we packed up the caravan and headed to Jindabyne for Read Article

Not all rainbows & unicorns when camping with kids!

News | 03 Oct

Week Six We knew not every week was going to be rainbows and unicorns with the kids while caravanning and this week was one of them. I think a combination of Read Article

Adventure and Memories by Clare Blackmore

News | 30 Sep

After the great response of her first poem, Claire Blackmore has written another beautiful poem, Adventure and Memories. Clare explores the challenges and benefits of living on the road with their two kids Evie and Read Article

Caravanners more than happy to help!

News | 26 Sep

Week Five You’d actually be surprised that one of the things we’ve found difficult on our trip so far is deciding where to go next. In saying that it’s amazing Read Article

Back on track & having fun again!

News | 19 Sep

Week Four Now back on the road we made our way further down the coast about 300 kms to what I can only describe as a little piece of paradise. With Read Article

Oh no!

News | 12 Sep

Week Three And in the blink of an eye things can go belly up…. Let’s see the week started out planning a few activities and looking into moving on from Read Article

Emerald Plains by Claire Blackmore

News | 07 Sep

Claire Blackmore has written a beautiful poem called Emerald Plains. She was inspired by the views in and around Gunnedah.

Kids need to be busy, who would have thought!

News | 06 Sep

Week Two Kids need to be busy, who would have thought! Another week here in Gunnedah and time is just flying by, turns out just sitting around reading a book Read Article

The Start of a Big Adventure

News | 25 Aug

Week One Hi there! We’re the Blackmore’s, my name is Claire and I’ll be your designated blog writer giving you the honest truth about travelling in a caravan with 2 Read Article

Meet the Blackmores before their Big Trip

News | 23 Aug

Before The Big Trip Some 10 months ago now after a few Sunday beers Colin and I got to talking about the daily grind and the pre-determined expectations that is somewhat Read Article