Crystal Waters Are Calling & the caravan is on the move again!

Category: News, Date: 21 November 2016

Week Twelve

The next stop for the caravan was a short 84kms drive south of Adelaide at a coastal town called Victor Harbour. Known probably best for its main attraction the Victor Harbour Tramway, which offers a horse drawn tram across the 630m causeway to Granite Island.


The tramway was a great novelty for the kids who thoroughly enjoyed the return trip, I must mention the beautiful Granite Island which offered us some great views and the ability to tick the shingle back off Col’s list of lizards to catch (the infamous frilly still outstanding).


There were so many nearby places we wanted to see, and so we spent our week picking a few to visit. We made the drive to Cape Jervis for a quick squizz at the Sealink ferry and Kangaroo Island before heading around the coast to one of our favourite places so far Rapid Bay.


The drive into Rapid Bay was picturesque to say the least with the most amazing bright purple flowers covering the surrounding hills and then opening up to crystal clear water and a long jetty where the squid were being pulled in left, right and centre.


There was a lovely little cave to explore which Colin took full advantage of, however it was a shame that there was glass shattered all over the ground and a fair bit of rubbish. It seems that it has been a bit of a common theme at some of these amazing places, where people are leaving rubbish and bottles. It is such a shame and really infuriating that there are still people out there who can’t take their rubbish with them. We always have a rubbish bag with us even when exploring on foot, and collect what we can in particular plastic and we’d urge all others to please do the same.


Another lovely place on the coast we visited was Second Valley again with crystal waters and an awesome jetty to walk around. We also ventured to the mouth of the Murray a short beach drive along Goolwa beach.


When not exploring the surrounding towns we made good use of the playgrounds on offer at the caravan park, the pump track an absolute hit with both the kids who picked it up like pro’s. I think Col seriously wants one for home but not entirely convinced it’d be for the kids.

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