Singing in the rain!

Category: News, Date: 17 October 2016

Week Eight


We decided to spend a second week in Lakes Entrance caravan holiday park, purely due to the unfortunate weather and its wasn’t looking like improving so rather than packing up the ship in wind and rain we thought it easier to stick it out where we were. We spent the week putting on dvd’s for the kids to keep them occupied while it rained outside and attempted a few games like Jenga but Bruce doesn’t quite understand the concept so it ended in tears for poor Evie!


We did manage some kite flying thanks to the gusty wind, which got us out of the caravan, Col made a few minor adjustments given we had no spool which made it more fun for everyone (Col especially though). On the only sunny day we drove out to Mitchell River which was excellent the kids loved getting out of the van and exploring again and the river was full and flowing so a great spot for lunch.


We spent most days checking the weather forecast trying to find somewhere with a better prediction but it wasn’t looking good anywhere in Victoria so we made a pretty drastic decision, you’ll have to wait until next week to see!


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