BBQ hacks for the long weekend

Category: News, Date: 24 January 2019

With the long weekend approaching, many people around the country might be heading off on a caravan or camping trip or spending time at the beach, while others will be having friends and family over.

Either way, chances are you’ll probably be firing up the BBQ sometime in the next few days.

Whether you follow the Bunnings rule of ‘onion under sausage’, rebel and put yours on top, or prefer just a simple sausage, bread and sauce, there’s no denying that summer BBQs are a rite of passage all around Australia, especially on long weekends!

If you’re looking to take your cooking game to the next level, we’ve put together a few hacks to help you out:

  • Plan your menu! If you’re hosting, it’s important to be prepared. Think about how many people you are catering for, how much meat (and plates, cutlery etc) you will need, what you need for cooking, and any dietary requirements your guests might have. If anybody is gluten free or vegetarian, they might need special options or might want to bring their own food to contribute!
  • Think about going outside the box- there’s nothing wrong with a classic sausage on bread, but why not try something different as well? We’re talking rosemary-brushed meat, marinades, and smoking veggies or meat in tin foil.  These simple suggestions can add great flavour and aroma, and are sure to impress your guests!
  • Know your temperatures. When cooking on a BBQ, it’s important to remember that certain foods will have different cooking times and required temperatures. If you’re cooking something new, make sure to do a bit of research and make sure you’ve learned how to cook everything to perfection!
  • Prepare the area and create an experience! If you’re cooking at home, make sure you have table chairs, and some kind of shade. Depending on space, you also might want to think about any games or activities that you can set up- think backyard cricket, bowls, or even a blow up pool! If you’re cooking in a communal area like a holiday park, make sure to reserve your spot if possible, or to arrive early and allow plenty of time.

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