The Real me, the dog behind the fur!

The Real me, the dog behind the fur!

Let’s Help Others

Hi all, it is great to see you all again.

Before you read on please be advised that many of my hooman friends find this story sad and happy at the same time, so be warned of the potential for little tears if sitting in your office or on the bus / train home!

A little more about me, I am 8 years old and a Griffon breed, about 44 in dog years according to my mums but I don’t worry about time like you guys, I just enjoy every day as it comes.

A New Home

I was born in Mt. Gambier and lived in Tasmania for many years. However, in March 2016 I needed a new home, which is a sad part of my life but also a great time as I found new mums online who I love very much. I do have a favourite but I would never tell them that secret, especially after they’ve had a few vinos!

I miss my brother

I also have a brother Frankie but sadly he was needed in doggy heaven to make it an even happier place, I miss him lots. This is my favourite picture with him, we are staring at a cloud shaped like a bone, it was a great day!

Frankie and Chynapg edit

I decided to adopt

With Frankie watching over me and my mums from above, we decided to save a life and adopt a new member to the family.

Zac is now my new little brother, he is a three-month-old Tenterfield Terrier, that’s him below. So far so good but like any new family friend, he needs proper training and attention to help him earn his ‘who is a good doggy!’ commentary. I handle most of his education re house training and socialising, my parents help a little!

Zac 2017 edit

I want to help other friends find new homes

I have decided that it is my responsibility to help other dogs like me and Zac to find new homes, plus it is a very nice thing to do. I know that my hoomans lives are a lot happier since I arrived, we are not called ‘Man’s Best Friend’ for no reason!

Nominate Rescue / Shelters below who could use my help!

In the comments below, can you list / suggest dog shelter / rescues group that you think could use my help. I can share their list of dogs that need new homes to all my Facebook followers and in my email newsletter.

Once I get some names, I will contact them direct and see how I can help. We wont be able to help everybody but we will do our best to help as many as possible.

Thanks for reading, I am a little emotionally drained after that, so I am off for a cuddle.

Love Chyna


Zac and Chyna

April 26, 2017

30 responses to “The Real me, the dog behind the fur!”

  1. Rob Rogan says:

    Cowra pet rescue and rehoming

  2. lynne bishop says:

    Hi chyna, you are doing a good job of raising your hoomans … The lort smith animal hospital would love to hear from you …

    Gosh, you deserve super cuddles for lookiing after your new brother jack, love the photo of you together. Love to your mums xxx.

    Woof, woof,

    • Chyna says:

      hi lynne,
      it is not easy bringing up and training my mums but thank you for noticing what a good job my brother and i are doing.
      thanks for nominating the lort smith .
      and i watch your facebook page and I love all of the pretty pictures you post of animals. woof and a cuddle to you xx

  3. Nicole says:

    Furkids animal rescue inc in Qld has some beautiful long termers that cant seem to catch a break! Any help to get their names out would be greatly appreciated 😊🐶

    • Chyna says:

      hey nicole

      i am sorry to hear that a few of your lovely dogs have not found their forever homes yet. your Furkids Rescue has been noted. thanks for getting intouch. Woof chyna

  4. Coll the doll says:

    Beautiful story chyna…. thankyou for shaRing…you are a star … 🌸💗

    • Chyna says:

      hello coll the doll, you are famous i know for all the dogs you look after when their hoomans make a decision to holiday without the most important fur people in their lives.
      i think you are wonderful. woof chyna

  5. Pat G. says:

    Lovely to read about your journey .Take care of Zac and Mums xxxooxx

    • Chyna says:

      hello grandma, thanks for reading my blog. my brother zac needs a jumper for winter are you able to start knitting. he is 35cm long.his favourite colour is blue.
      grandma see you in july when i get home but in the meantime i am pretty busy being a doggie blogger and helping rescue dogs be heard.
      woof chyna xx
      P.s. my mums are doing an ok job of spoiling me.

      • Pat G. says:

        The knitting needles are very busy Chyna so perhaps when you are snug in yours you can cuddly up close and keep Zac Warm . love to all Grandma Pat xxx.

  6. Jo says:

    Hy Chyna from Lexi. Forever friends animal rescue in traralgon victoria 3844.
    Nb. Sorry for the capitals but my phone is being silly and i can’t change it. Not shouting i promise. Keep up the Great work.

  7. Kristen says:

    Wodonga Dog Rescue

    • Chyna says:

      Hello Kristen,
      Thanks for nomination Wodonga dog rescue. great to hear from you and thanks for following my doggie blog.

  8. Chyna says:

    hello jo
    i know you are not yelling at me. the hoomans have this set up that everything is in capitals.
    i reckon you are a beaut to nominate Forever friends animal rescue in traralgon victoria . you live in a lovely place with lots of parks for us dogs to sniff and run around.
    please let me know anything else I need to know about taralgon for people who are travelling with dogs through you area.

  9. Cathy says:

    Sa dog rescue

  10. Gemma hickey says:

    Please ConSider Dogs behind bars rescUe

  11. Gemma hickey says:

    Dogs behind bars rescue

  12. Jill Larsen says:

    I would like to nominate FRIENDS of the hounds who work so hard to rescue and rehome greyhounds from the horrendous racing industry.

  13. Karin says:

    Hi Chyna,
    I nominate Friends of the Hound who help rescue and rehome greyhounds no longer wanted by the racing industry. They do a greyt job but always need more foster carers and adopters 😀

    • Lynne says:

      Hello karin
      Thanks for nominatiNg your organisation. I love playing with greyHounds but i cannot run as fast aS them. Woof Chyna

  14. Lynne Morton says:

    Hi chyna
    i am nominating friends of the hound who do the most amazing work helping greyhounds who are ‘past their use by date’ in the racing industry. it is a wholly volunteer group who get absolutely no funding from the racing industry or elsewhere. so many hounds in need and not enough funds to help them all. i am hopeful you will be able to help in some way.

    • Chyna says:

      hi lynne,
      Friends of the hound sounds like a great organisation to nominate. thanks for letting me know

  15. Glen says:

    my mate Benji – a 4 year old jack russell was rescued from monica’s doggie rescue (mona vale, sydney) early last year. He is a great travel companion. we have just finished an 8 week trip around western victoria (great ocean road to mt gambier then to mildura then on to swan hill, echuca, etc)

    • Lynne says:

      Hello Glen
      So happy Benji found you and you both love travel. I hope i meey you one day on the road. Woof Chyna

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