Hear About the Whales – Riddles Caravanning Adventure

Hear About the Whales – Riddles Caravanning Adventure

Hi all, welcome to our family adventure.

Today marks one week on the road.  On reflection, I just realise we are so lucky to be able to do this trip with our kids, as a guy in the caravan park said to me tonight – You are living the dream.  Yes, we are.

The Riddles in the car editAdmittedly it hasn’t all been champagne and roses but we have all definitely had our moments of complete frustration, the kids whinge about the hours spent in the car, at times they have been demanding.

Being together 24/7 is a huge adjustment for all of us. (especially as we have gone from a big house to the confines of a caravan!!!)

The new caravan and car edit

Brad and I have both had occasions when we just snap at the kids because we are sick of their bickering but we live in hope that we will all get used to it.  We can see why so many people who have travelled with family say the biggest thing to sort is a routine so the kids know what to expect.

We are still smoothing this out as we find our feet, we know we will get there!!!  One thing we are loving is just working out what we want to do as we go, the last thing we wanted was to be rushing from place to place as we had bookings.

The highlights of Week one for me have been the expanse of the Nullarbor (pity about the whinging ‘are we there yet?’ from the kids!!) The foreshore of Esperance was beautiful.  The coastline all around was amazing.  Cape Le Grand was stunning.  Manilup was fantastic.  There are not enough descriptive words to express how impressed I am with WA and I can’t wait to see a whole lot more!!! SONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSCIMG_7115 editMural at Elliston, SA editRCA Riddles Caravanning Adventure 2-01

Watch the full Riddles Caravanning Adventure 

Watch the full Riddles Caravanning Adventure 

July 11, 2017

3 responses to “Hear About the Whales – Riddles Caravanning Adventure”

  1. Ray Packard says:

    We are off across the Nullarbor in August, looking at W.A. for a couple of months.
    first stop Penong then off road the next. Looking forward to seeing the Whales along the way.

  2. Ian of brisbane says:

    congratulations and Good on you. The kids will learn far more than at school provided they keep up with the “three R’s” as they travel. The family will remember this trip for a long time to come. if the kids get to know the pack drill and are willing to comply and help out with the daily routine they should be fine. don’t forget to get some time apart. traveling in close company all the time can wear thin at times. similarly caravans can get a bit claustrophobic at times so if the weather is fine, make sure everyone gets a good dose of the great outdoors. I hope you all stay healthy and that you reach all your destinations safely.

  3. Ninder says:





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