Happy Campers Series – Pearse Family

Happy Campers Series – Pearse Family

Happy Campers Series

Episode 7 – The Pearse Family Holiday at Home

The Pearse family take their camping holiday just ten minutes from home! The local caravan park has the perfect beach location and they never have to worry about leaving something at home – they can just duck up the road and get it. They love how easy it is to travel with a van full of kiddies but aren’t so sure about the rest of the extended family stopping in for a camp dinner. Cooking for twenty on holiday is a bit much for anyone!

Happy Campers delves into the personal stories of a range of people who love caravanning and camping. Each short episode asks why they camp, how they like to go about it and what connects them to caravan life. These happy campers give us a glimpse into why camping has a special place in their hearts.

Keep tuning in to Happy Campers and share the journeys that show why caravanning and camping offers so much more than any other holiday experience. It’s about the people, the connection, the adventure and the heart!


Watch the full Happy Campers Series below

March 14, 2017

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