10 DOGGY-DOS for what to pack

image 1aHi again! Campdog Maggie back to clue you in on what to pack when travelling with your best friends – dogs of course! We dogs just love being included on all family activities, including holidays, and thankfully there are plenty of pet-friendly caravan holiday parks these days.

Here’s 10 things to pack for us when heading out in your caravan, camper or motorhome.

1. Collar and ID tags

Australia is one hell of a backyard, so make sure we wear a collar at all times with an ID tag. Microchips are great, but a tag with your mobile number on it will make sure we find our way back to you (wherever you are) if we get lost.

2. Bedding, blankies and towel

Us dogs like to have a little comfort from home and our favourite blankie has all the good smells! Our own bedding helps us feel relaxed about new environments and helps us to feel like we still have our own little territory. Pack us our own towel too for drying off after the beach if you aren’t keen on sharing yours.

3. Food and treats

Please bring our food from home in case you can’t get the same brand out on the road. It’s another way to lessen the stress of travel and new things for your best doggy friends. And I wouldn’t be any kind of dog if I didn’t suggest treats – a must!

4. Food and water bowl

Much like our own bedding, our own food and water bowls can help us adjust to new environments. It’s the small comforts and familiar items that help us feel safe and secure. This is a particularly good idea for my canine friends who can be fussy about food.

5. Medication and medical history

Don’t forget any medications we might need and check that our vaccinations and flea treatments are up to date. Bug spray is toxic for us so Physical checks for ticks and the like are a great idea. Also, if we have health issues, take a print out of our medical history in case we have to visit a vet on holiday.

6. Leash and muzzle

Keeping us dogs on a leash while travelling is pretty important. As much as we love to free roam, choose appropriate places and times. Leash laws differ from place to place and you want to keep us safe from scooting off if something gives us a scare. Also as crazy as it sounds, not everyone loves dogs. We’ll probably only need a muzzle if we’re snappy with other dogs and people.

7. Collapsible water bowl

You’ll never regret investing in a collapsible bowl if you like to travel with your fur babies. Great to use for breaks on our car rides, when out hiking or visiting friends who don’t have pets. Not all of us are great at drinking from taps!

8. Ground stake

A ground stake is the easiest way to let us have some freedom at the campsite without bothering other campers with unwelcome visits. When you pick a place to tether us, just make sure we are safe from roads and the stake is sturdy enough to hold fast if we get spooked.

9. Toys

All the squeakies! All the balls! All the teddies! Ok, not really. Caravans and tents can’t fit all our toys, but one or two of our favourites would be great.

10 Millions of poop bags

Leaving doggy-do-dos on the beach, path, grass or anywhere really – is NOT OK. Unless you are going to carry a shovel and bury our business like you would your own, make sure you have plenty of poop bags to clean up after us.


That’s all from me! I hope you find my DOGGY-DOs helpful when taking your best friend on a caravan and camping holiday. Let me know in the comments!

Dog kisses from Campdog Maggie (WOOF!)

Maggie is resident and campdog at Armidale Tourist Park.


February 15, 2017


  1. Lily Quinn says:

    Hi Maggie

    Great to see you are now famous! Thanks for all the beaut tips.
    Hope you have Fun hOlidays like i do when i stay at your fantastic caravan park. I love it there and they love dogs too. It is So good there are even dog friendly cabins, if we leave our caravan at home.
    My mum even packs my shampoo and conditioner (yuk, a bath even oN holidays! ) and my coat, for when we come to your place in the winter. I think we are spoilt!
    Take care maggie.
    See you soon.
    Love lily and the humans xx

  2. Jane says:

    Hello maggie, i am planning on a caravan trip to the nt and cairns. Can you recommend dog friendly accomodation, in particular homes in ularu that i maybe able to leave my dog for a feW hours when i visit the rock. Thank you

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