Meet the Riddles, They are about to start a caravanning adventure

Meet the Riddles, They are about to start a caravanning adventure

Hi we are the Riddles. There are four people in our family.  There is Mum (Sam), Dad (Brad) my little brother Tom (he is 5 and 3/4) and me Grace (I’m 9).

The Riddles1 edit

We are from Port Lincoln in South Australia.  We live on 6 acres and we have a cat called Millie and 10 sheep.  We have rented our house out and the family living there will be looking after our animals.

We are traveling half and a bit around Australia and you are coming with us.   We will have lots of adventures and we will share all of them with you.

On the first day I felt nervous because I didn’t know what was going to happen next and excited because we will be going on lots of adventures and we will have lots of fun.  My friends and family are very jealous and I was sad I had to say good bye to them but I will make lots more friends everywhere we go.  We will be going to lots of beaches and we will take lots of photos and videos for you to see, it will be awesome. Mum and Dad told us that there are some amazing adventure parks and playgrounds.  We may even be hiring boats and swimming in coral reefs when we get to warmer waters. There are also lots of people who want to see us. It will be lots of fun so let’s go on an adventure!!!! RCA Riddles Caravanning Adventure 2-01

Watch the full Riddles Caravanning Adventure 

July 7, 2017

6 responses to “Meet the Riddles, They are about to start a caravanning adventure”

  1. Pauline pollock says:

    Enjoy your travels. We are retired and just getting our first caravan and 4 weel drive. We have 3 grandaughters where we live. We will be going short trips until we get used to the van.

  2. julie says:

    Have the best time. I Am very envious. This is a trip that is on our bucket list. Travel safe.

  3. Fiona Hoopmann says:

    Wow – this is awesome. Just opened an email TO see your happy faces. Love it. Keep having fun grace and tom – oh and mum and dad too!!

  4. Roland says:

    Enjoy WA – From the south to the north there is lots to see and do. the landscape changes dramatically as you move further north. make sure you do the tree walk in walpole, climb the lighthouse in augusta, manadalay caravan park in busselton is ‘awesome’ as is simmo’s icecream. drive the indian ocean road north of perth to the pinnacles, south beach in dongara is a fantastic beach. further north we have the stromatolites, monkey mia. carnarvon has a huge white satellite dishes on the way into to town (very important musesum). ningaloo world heritage park – snorkelling here at turquoise bay will make your day.
    lots of driving to see these fantastic places but that’s WA – ‘wait awhile!’
    Safe travels Riddles…..

  5. peter hartwig says:

    Hope you enjoy you trip all the best

  6. Gary & laurelle says:

    What a great adventure and something we wouod love to do soMetime soon. I do hope you have At wonderfull time. Grace and tom you are so lucky, and both old enough to rEmeMber thIs wondefull aventure as a family. Have fun and take plenty of photos.📸

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