Happy Campers Series – Lou and Family

Happy Campers Series – Lou and Family

Happy Campers Series

Episode 9 – Lou and Family

Lou has been camping since before she was born! She was actually conceived on the family camping trip. As a child, she was taken camping every year for the six-week Christmas holidays. Inspired by her Dad’s love of camping, Lou still goes camping every year with her own young family. She thinks camping is essential for kids these days so they can get back to nature. We agree!

Happy Campers delves into the personal stories of a range of people who love caravanning and camping. Each short episode asks why they camp, how they like to go about it and what connects them to caravan life. These happy campers give us a glimpse into why camping has a special place in their hearts.

Keep tuning in to Happy Campers and share the journeys that show why caravanning and camping offers so much more than any other holiday experience. It’s about the people, the connection, the adventure and the heart!


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May 15, 2017

5 responses to “Happy Campers Series – Lou and Family”

  1. Harry says:

    Good on you lou, I agree that it is a great thing to get the children away from the world of electronics even if it is only for a few weeks and what a great way to do it by camping. My wife and I are old caravaners who started out with a little two man tent and then when the children came along we progressed through various tents and when it started to get a bit hard getting up of the ground we started caravaning,. when you get a chance go bush, there are some wonderful spots out there to spend a week or two. Keep up your camping and continue to enjoy.

  2. Frank Grimaldi says:

    hI LOU

    thanks for sharing your personal story with us, totally agree with you kids should get out there and rough it a bit, just to toughen them up a bit, too many growing up in SUBURBIA not knowing that an egg comes from a chicken not off the shelf at the supermarket, your dad would be the proudest of you, god bless, 🙂

  3. Paul says:

    I think it’s really great thAt these parents are doing what thEir parEnts had taught their kids and now is the time to teaCh their young one’s, sO in turn their kids and so on and so on, camping is in the blood, good on you mum and dad to keep the dream alive

  4. Robert Armbruster says:


  5. Peter Nolan says:

    Hi Lou yes it is great going camping away frOm the hussle and bussel of city life and enjoy nature . My wife and the swimming club would go to upper stoney creek at bifield just north of yePpoon on long weeends for relexation and a beautiFul camp fire and a billy boiling all the time. The water is very cold in winter.

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