Who is Wally?

Who is Wally?

Who is Wally?

IMG_9081He’s a lover who doesn’t believe in personal space

He is a toilet bowl drinker, sock stealer, bedhog, leftover ice cream enthusiast, wannabe sheep herder, greedy pig, face licker, protector, stalker, funny, loyal wobbly wonder dog.

He is an extra special boy and deserves an extra special home.
Wally came from the Armidale pound early this year.

There is a group called rural pound aid and they advertise dogs in pounds from all the rural areas.IMG_9074

Other rescue groups offer to take them and then they get pledges which covers the cost of transport..

We knew wally was a bit wonky but we didn’t realize how wonky he was until he arrived .. so we took to the vets , got him checked out and they believe he has had some sort of head injury and there isn’t anything that can be done.

He would be better suited to a home where he is on his own and also someone who will understand him and be prepared to love him forever.

Use your paw to press the adopt paw or contact Wodonga Dog Rescue.

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Thank you for your time and support.




July 12, 2017

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