Chyna and her not so famous mates – Character 1 Jug Head

Chyna and her not so famous mates –  Character 1 Jug Head


Hi everybody, first let me introduce myself, my name is Chyna and yes I am a little dog, that is me above getting a lift from my hooman mom 😀  I know as you read this now, you can hear my voice in your head, how do I sound, squeaky or have you given me a deep voice of a large man!

I am fortunate to have great parents who believe in education and travel, hence I can now write and tell tales of my adventures! For any other dogs reading this, simply sniff for my scent, god knows I have left it all over Australia!

I call this, Me beside a River!

Banana_Shire_Chyna_Fishing_12016-06-12 09.48.39

Over the next few weeks I will bring you along for a journey and introduce you to the fine people I meet in the towns and outback of Australia.



Character 1: Jug Head from Renmark


I stopped by the side of the road to help myself to a Mandarin that had dropped onto the ground and have a chat with the local farmer.

My parents and I are 11km outside of Renmark at a little place called Cooltong, which is a major citrus growing area in the Riverlands of South Australia.

Renmark Map

The local famers name is Jughead, which he got from a drunken boy’s night out years ago and no it has nothing to do with his ears.

Jughead has 80 acres, they call them blocks so Jughead is not a farmer he is a Block Boy. He waters his 5,000-tangelo and mandarin tress every day along with his 65 acres of grapes. He reckons his mandarins are sold through Australia and as far afield as Japan.

japan 0002

When I asked him where does he like to go caravan and camping locally he immediately said Heading Cliffs, which offers magnificent views along the Murray River.

He told me that anyone could get to his secret spot just call in at the local information centre for directions. Also, a well-known local fact is that a local resident goanna named Rupert oversees the camp area and he does a mighty fine job in keeping the snakes away ( pheeww not fond of them ) . Rupert is also partial to the odd bit of left over tucker.

Visit the information Renmark-Paringa visitor information centre website for more information click here.

Jug Head says when he is feeling romantic and looking for some luxury and pampering he zips 11 kms across to stay in Paringa at a boutique place called The Frames. He said it is like heaven on earth sitting on the balcony watching the mighty Murray flow and birds roost of an evening.

As we were about to drive away from Jughead and laden with free mandies, Jug Head noticed that we had a mud flap hanging off the motor home so he and I got the gear out and fixed it. Well I supervised.

IMG_0464 editJug Head is a great guy and he wants everyone to come and visit Renmark and the Riverlands.

Next week I will tell you a little more about me  , if you have any specific questions just leave a comment below! I think the title will be ‘Behind the fur, the real me!’ , if you cant tell I am a little dramatic.



April 18, 2017

7 responses to “Chyna and her not so famous mates – Character 1 Jug Head”

  1. Roger Smith says:

    love your work chyna but have one small question – when did dogs start eating mandarins?

    • Chyna says:

      Hey Roger, good question, i just know if I could have gotten the peel off I would have given it a good crack. Woof Chyna

  2. LYNNE says:

    oh Chyna,

    how lovely to follow your adventures and I do look forward to seeing your rig when you hit the Top End.

    Travel safe,


  3. Jen brady says:

    Chyna old mate. What an awesome life you lead. Look forward to seeing you again soon on the track of life. And of course Your sidekicks L&L.

    • Chyna says:

      Hey Jen,
      it was great to meet you at mt bundy station. i wish i could have slept in your swag it looked so comfy. i hope our paths cross again. Woof chyna

  4. Woodie says:

    Hi Chyna, Do your humans know how very special you are? You are a Griffon Bruxellois (smooth coat) and much SOught after.
    Could you tell me please where your humans got YOU?

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