Make sure your next RV purchase carries the RVMAP Key.



Tents provide an economical means to get away from the pressures of home life and relax in the rugged outdoors. They provide the convenience of being lightweight and compact enabling a tent large enough to fit the entire family to be neatly folded and placed in the boot of the car. Most camping stores will stock a number of tents that range in shape and size. Tents also provide the flexibility of being able to set up camp almost anywhere and site rentals at parks are generally much cheaper than caravans.

The Recreational Vehicle Manufacturing Accreditation Program or (RVMAP) provides buyers with a greater level of certainty in dealing with industry businesses participating in the accreditation program represented by the "Accreditation Key" symbol.
These manufacturers are committed to building products which adhere to all the relevant Australian Design Rules, applicable Australian Standards, in addition to the programs own Code of Practice.
So when you are looking to purchase your next Recreational Vehicle, make sure you look for the Key!

Key Industry Partners


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